Best Times to Wash Your Car

Your car needs routine exposure to soap and water, just like your body. We here at Bill George's Olathe Kia recommend washing your car weekly or at least twice per month. Here's why.

Weekly Washes

Weekly washes are advisable if your car spends most of its time exposed to the elements. If you have a long commute, live in a harsh climate and leave your car parked in the open, weekly washes are a must.

Each day, your car is potentially exposed to dust, pollen, tree sap, bird droppings and salt as well as airborne pollutants and bug guts. Any of these, when mixed with heat or water, has the potential to damage your vehicle's paint, finish or undercarriage. This damage often leans to diminished value and performance.

Bi-Weekly Washes

If you live in a mild climate and/or have a closed garage, it's ideal to wash your car at least twice monthly. Do it by hand, or run it though an auto wash with added interior detailing.



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