What to Look Out for if You Suspect Your Exhaust is Leaking

A lot of people assume that the exhaust system on their vehicle isn't something that is incredibly important when it comes to the overall function of a vehicle. In fact, this is a very intricate system of pipework that will help remove gases and sound from the immediate area of your vehicle. You don't want to be breathing those gases in. If you have a leaky exhaust, there are a few things you might notice. This includes:
  • A strong, gaseous odor coming from your vehicle while it is running. You might even smell it within the cabin of your vehicle.
  • There might be a hissing or popping sound coming from your exhaust pipe on the back of your vehicle.
  • You might notice condensation consistently dripping out of the pipe on your vehicle. This shows that moisture in your exhaust lines are not adequately getting burned off.



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