Advice on How to Drive in the Rain

Driving in rainy, slick, wet conditions frightens drivers worried about an accident. Drivers can't change the weather conditions, but they can alter their driving. Following several smart tips on damp weather driving might increase safety levels immensely.

Driving at a safe speed is critical to avoid specific problems. The vehicle could skid when traveling at an unsafe speed. Take that as a reason why not to follow another vehicle too closely. Don't rely on cruise control, either. Maintain manual control of speed when driving in the rain.

Beware of heavy winds as well. Heavy rains may come with equally powerful winds. Maintain a firm grip on the wheel since winds could move the car unexpectedly. Keep an eye on other cars on the road. If you can't stop the wind from moving the vehicle, it could drift into another lane or oncoming traffic.

A well-running car is preferable for drivers. Keep yours operating properly by taking it in for service at Bill George's Olathe Kia.



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