Improve Your Test Drive Experience

June 22nd, 2018 by

A test drive tells all. A car can’t hide how it handles on the road once you get behind the wheel. In fact, the test drive may turn out so positive it may sway you into making a purchase. So, be sure you approach the test drive the right way.

For one, don’t just drive the car around the lot or the block. If you drive on the highway every day as part of your daily commute, then you want to take a vehicle out on the freeway. Otherwise, your test drive may not convey the type of information you need.

And who said you need to take the test drive on the same day you checked the car out for the first time? Tell the dealer you want to come back on a separate day to do the test drive. This way, you can be better prepared. Do a little research to figure out what features you should focus on during the drive.

At Bill George’s Olathe Kia, we’re always prepared to help you with a test drive. Take a brief scenic tour in Olathe to feel comfortable with your new car.

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