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UVO FeaturesSirius XM TravelLinkSiriusXM Travel Link provides real-time information on Weather, Traffic, Fuel Prices, Stocks, Sports, and Movies.
Parking MinderParking Minder can store and display the last known location where a vehicle was parked.
My POIsUsers can store a list of addresses that can be synced to a UVO head unit and used by the Navigation feature.
PandoraThe Pandora app for the UVO head unit can connect to a user's Pandora smartphone app to play songs and display track information.
Trip InfoView analytics about monthly driving habits, such as average speed, average time, and average distance.
My Car ZoneA set of monitoring features including Curfew Limit Alert, Speed Alert, and Geo Fence Alert.
Curfew Limit AlertStores an alert when a UVO vehicle is driven after a user configured curfew time.
Speed AlertStores an alert when a UVO vehicle is driven faster than a user-configured speed limit.
Geo Fence AlertStores an alert when a UVO vehicle is driven within a user configured restricted area.
Vehicle DiagnosticsUVO vehicles can identify when there is a diagnostic issue. UVO owners can view diagnostic issues and send the report to a dealership when scheduling a service appointment.
Critical Diagnostic AlertCritical Diagnostic Alert can notify the driver if a diagnostic issue is found.
Scheduled DiagnosticsDiagnostic checks can be scheduled to run on a monthly cycle.
Enhanced Roadside AssistEnhanced Roadside Assistance can help UVO owners connect to an agent by placing a call through the owner's phone and transmitting data about the location and state of the vehicle.
911 ConnectIn the event of an airbag deployment UVO can attempt to automatically place a call and send the vehicle's location to emergency services.
Infotainment FeaturesSirius XM RadioUVO owners with a SiriusXM subscription can listen with the integrated SiriusXM radio receiver.
SIRIUS Travel LinkUVO owners with a Sirius Travel Link subscription can access integrated weather, fuel prices, sports, movie listings, and stock prices data.
Bluetooth AudioBluetooth audio support includes dialing and making phone calls, syncing phone contacts, and streaming audio.
Voice CommandsVoice commands are integrated with the phone, media player, and navigation functions as well as select UVO head unit apps.
NavigationUVO navigation is available on UVO eServices with Nav head units. It has integrations with traffic data and My POIs.