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Due to current global conditions, the worldwide automotive supply chain has experienced significant interruptions and delays. As a result, the current inventory of new vehicles has remained limited. As you begin to look for the new Kia vehicle you’ve had your eye on, it’s likely that you may have had some trouble finding the model, trim level, exterior color, or combination of desired options you want. Fortunately, Robert Brogden's Olathe Kia is excited to introduce you to the perfect solution for getting behind the wheel of the Kia vehicle you’ve been looking for.

Custom ordering your Kia direct from the factory has a number of advantages and benefits that you might have not previously considered. Instead of settling for a vehicle that’s not quite what you were looking for, our team is standing by to guide you through the custom ordering process from start to finish.

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Instead of shelling out additional cash for features you don’t actually want or missing out completely on features that you would actually love to have -- custom ordering your Kia is the ultimate solution for getting the vehicle that you want.

From the exterior color and wheel design to the interior upholstery and technology features -- custom ordering means that you’ll have the freedom to equip your vehicle to your individual specifications* (*options and equipment availability may vary depending on configuration, see dealer for details). Regardless of if you’re starting from scratch or if you’ve already built your dream vehicle on Kia.com -- Robert Brogden's Olathe Kia is your one-stop destination for custom orders.


How long does a custom order usually take?

Simply put, the usual timeframe for your custom order to be delivered depends on a number of factors including the exact model that you ordered and where that model is assembled. Kia vehicles are assembled all across the globe with primary locations in the United States, Mexico, and South Korea. In general, the current estimated lead times range between 6 and 12 weeks. Your sales consultant will keep you informed throughout the build process from initial order placement to final delivery here at the dealership.

Is a deposit necessary in order to place a custom order?

Yes. A $1,000 deposit is required in order to place a custom order. This deposit can be applied to a down payment on your new Kia or used to purchase the vehicle outright. In the event that you prefer to lease or finance the vehicle, the deposit can be returned to you in full or partial after your contract has been signed and you have taken delivery of the vehicle.

Are there additional costs associated with custom ordering?

No. There is no additional charge or special fee for custom ordering your Kia.

Can my custom order be completed over the phone or online?

Absolutely! Our team is standing by to finalize and submit your custom order via phone or the internet. We do suggest visiting us in person prior to submitting the final order in order to view your exterior color choice in person (if possible). This will help ensure that it lives up to your expectations.

Will my vehicle be eligible for special rebates, lease incentives, or other special offers?

Yes. Since incentive and rebate programs often vary from month to month, your custom order will only be eligible for the current programs available at the time of delivery. For example, if your vehicle is ordered in July and delivered in October, your vehicle will only be eligible for the October incentives.

Can I order a vehicle if I live outside the United States of America?