Does Your Ignition Need Service? How Can You Tell?

March 15th, 2018 by

If your vehicle is being stubborn about starting, then you could have a number of issues, from a dead battery to a faulty ignition system. But how can you tell if your ignition is faulty?

A faulty ignition can be a major issue, and it can make your vehicle hard to start, or even impossible. Sometimes it can be hard to diagnose, as well, such as in the case of a faulty solenoid. If a solenoid is faulty, your car simply won’t start. This means that the issue is often mistaken for a dead battery. However, sometimes it’s easier to diagnose the issue. If your car makes strange sounds, including grinding or whining, when you’re trying to start it, then that’s a telltale sign of a nonfunctional starter system. Or, if you recently had an oil leak, the oil could soak your starter, causing it to become nonfunctional.

If you can’t start your car, or if it’s becoming increasingly difficult, then you could have ignition problems. It’s always wise to have your vehicle inspected in order to have your issues diagnosed and fixed effects. If you’re around Olathe, then pay us a visit here at Bill George’s Olathe Kia today, and we can help you do exactly that.

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